'64 Gibson Kalamazoo...
This guitar of mine has been setup in the early 80's which now is similar to many expensive popular strat style guitars today. It has the bite of a Fender, but the balls of a Gibson. The neck is a short scale neck giving the guitar a brighter sound.

The bridge pickup is an old Seymour Duncan JB Custom from 1982 that is also tapped. The pickup selector is now in one of the old tone knobs and the remaining tone knob is a master tone. The coil tap switch is where the old pickup selector is on the right horn. The neck pickup is an old Ibanez Super 6. It also has an old Washburn Wonderbar system that has a great hard tail feel but still allowing a decent amount of whammy bar action. The tuners are old Ibanez mini-tuners.

1964 Gibson Kalamazoo

'65-66 Gibson Kalamazoo...
I recently purchased this one and I'm in the process of making it into vintage firebreather. The key on these old Kalamazoos are the incredibly straight and fast necks. They definitely have that smaller early 60's Gibson vibe. This one has currently has stock frets which are incredibly small and useless, a very cool sounding dogeared P-90 (I think an old Epi Casino) and a Badass bridge with worn out tuners.

1965/66 Gibson Kalamazoo

Now for the changes...
The modifications were done by Tina Wood at Splash Sound/The Amp Shop in Sherman Oaks, CA. I had the neck refretted with Dunlop 6150 large frets, had a few rough spots on the neck planed and a new bone nut installed. The neck has ultra low action and is fast even with the 9 degree radius (?). The new tuners are Sperzel chrome locking tuners. The pickguard is covered with copper tape to make it quieter. It is cracking now, so that will get replaced soon too.

These Kalamazoo's below are not mine, but just a pictorial of these inexpensive, yet unique vintage Gibson guitars

1965 Gibson Kalamazoo

A stock '65 Gibson Kalamazoo...
This is how mine looked when is was stock. Both versions come with 1 or 2 pickup configurations. Also, shown is the Kalamazoo Model II amp.

1968 Gibson Kalamazoo

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