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Semaphore Overflow

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Printed on: 06/23/2018


Topic author: Terraformer
Subject: Semaphore Overflow
Posted on: 07/30/2006 10:16:49

Hey lads...Yesterday my Vetta died away with a "Semaphore Overflow"
message on the LCD. Powering down and up again only helped for
several soon as I switched patches it would freeze
again, this time with a blank screen. Don't worry, I'm not asking
for support here. It's already alive and screaming again. After a
re-install of the latest OS everything is fine again.
I just wondered what might have caused the bug. I remember having
encountered the similar error message ("Semaphore Overflow") some
years ago, when my baby still was on 1.00. Almost five years passed
without any problems.

Now for the main question:
Has anyone of you ever gotten
the "Semaphore Overflow" message
during normal activity too?

Just curious...
Take care...

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Reply author: Fireskunk
Replied on: 07/30/2006 21:15:47

Sounds like a resource allocation problem due to an anomaly in the Analog Devices Sharc processor...then again I'm just a simple carpet cleaner, what do I know?

"Lucky Devil"

Reply author: buc
Replied on: 07/30/2006 22:45:58

Actually it sounds more like corrupted software since the OS reload seems to have fixed the problem...but then I'm just a single-seat-single-engine-jet-fighter-pilot-decorated-war-hero. And I slept in a Holiday Inn Express last night. I would guess your processors are working just fine.

Just to answer your question directly; no I haven't seen the Semaphore Overflow error. I would say that an OS reload seems to fix just about everything that CAN be fixed.

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Reply author: WildCat
Replied on: 07/31/2006 05:28:09

LOL buc - touché!

Reply author: Fireskunk
Replied on: 07/31/2006 06:45:40

Semaphore Overflow is an error message generated by the Analog Devices Sharc processor....reloading Line6 code may clear the error but under certain conditions it could recurr.

"Lucky Devil"

Reply author: Terraformer
Replied on: 07/31/2006 09:15:51


She just died away again. This time I got an "Access Error"
message on the screen. Powered her down, took her off the net,
waited for 5 minutes, powered her up again...same ol' s***...
Powered her down, waited for an hour, fired her screen.
And it hasn't changed since then. Both LCDs are darkened out.
I'll give her another software shot, if that doesn't help its
time to get her back to the mothership. Could be a board issue.
Or dead batteries...Hell, she's old. Bought her on 2/20/02.
So it COULD be the batteries...If it's the board, well, we'll see.

The only thing that bothers me is that I'm in the middle of an
album recording right now. Guess THATS what causes Vetta glitches.
Once you really need it (gigs/sessions/recordings) it gives you the
finger. :) Nah, just kidding...
I'll keep you updated...

After some tries (2 failed I think) I got her back to live.
She seems to be fully functional again...let's see for how long.
(crossing fingers)

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Reply author: WildCat
Replied on: 07/31/2006 17:55:51

At 5 years I'd definitely suspect the battery. They don't last forever.

Calling mothership, come in please...

Reply author: CorpusVetta
Replied on: 07/31/2006 19:47:53


I had the same "Access Error" message, though what lead to the malfunction was different. Please see my "Access Error = Dead Vetta" thread. Maybe there is something there that can assist you. I'm up and running again, though it is by some crazy fluke!

Good luck!

Reply author: Fireskunk
Replied on: 07/31/2006 20:12:02

Terraformer, apparently your Vetta is unstable. I suggest a call to Line6. With a clear and concise description of the symptoms, they should be able to tell you what the cause of the problem is and most importantly how tyo resolve it.

Good luck!

"Lucky Devil"

Reply author: Terraformer
Replied on: 08/01/2006 04:05:10

Thx for the input, lads...

She died again today, five minutes ago, again with a
"Semaphore Overflow" message. I'll pack her in and
drive over to my local dealer to send her in to Line6.
I'll keep you updated.

Controlled noise is ****ing art!!!

Reply author: daspazz
Replied on: 08/01/2006 05:46:16

You have to call and get an RMA first. Line6 will take hte amp if they know in advance that it is coming.

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Reply author: Terraformer
Replied on: 08/03/2006 13:11:50

Hey Daspazz...

It's different here in Germany.
I brought the amp back to the shop where I bought it.
(No big deal, just 20 minutes away by car)
They sent the amp to the german Line6 service center.
As soon as the tech knows what's wrong with the Vetta
he'll let my dealer know, who will contact me and tell
me what has to be replaced and what the repair will cost.
It should have arrived at the service station today.
I'm right in the middle of a production, so the absence
of the Vetta hurts a bit, but not too much. My dealer
equiped me with a replacement amp. I could have chosen
anything at the store, even another Vetta HD, but I
decided to take a POD XT live home. Always wanted to
check those out. I have to say that it does an excellent

Controlled noise is ****ing art!!!

Reply author: daspazz
Replied on: 08/03/2006 13:22:04

Opps!! Pardon my international faux pas!

Didn't even know you were over there!

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